Saturday 21 Aug 2010

Samsung projects ad on a building

SamsungIn the Netherlands, the other country of the footballers-actors, Samsung projected a very realistic film on a historical building in Amsterdam. We got the impression that the building fissures, butterflies go out, then it fills with water... Great sensation! :-o


Source Toppeo


This animation was to promote new Samsung's televisions LCD-LED in 3D of the mark. (Highly profitable products however with still a limited interest, see how to choose a TV.)
There it's not really 3D, all is projected on the building which is used as a screen. The 3rd dimension effect is obtained thanks to the shades and with the size of the objects which seems to leave the concrete. ;-)

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One answer at “Samsung projects ad on a building”

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    deniarto ( said:

    It's amazing break through in TV technology.....

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