Friday 4 Apr 2008

Trackmania Nations Forever

TrackmaniaTwo years after the release of Trackmania Nations, a real multiplayer game, totaly free, Nadeo offers us the 2d part. :-) Realeased on april the 16th 2008.

Trackmania is a car games serie not realistic, but competitive and amusing. The tracks are composed of springboards, banked corners, loops... and the strong point of the saga is that a track editor is provided. Everyone can create its own maps. As Trackmania is really made for multiplayer games, thousands of tracks can be found. It gives the game a permanent innovation and a long life time without beeing bored.

The graphic environment was of course improved, and the tool for track creation and the user relations too. Video and screenshots below. 8)

The video requires Flash

Trackmania Nations Forever screenshot 1 Trackmania Nations Forever screenshot 2 Trackmania Nations Forever screenshot 3 Trackmania Nations Forever screenshot 4

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