Friday 29 Jul 2011

Contact Google: mission impossible!

No needs to present the Gogole, the king of the search engines, the monopoly of research, of online ad and a lot of other services, free for the moment, the time to choke competition. Google is worth approximately 200 billion $, owns Youtube, AdSense, Android... The firm has more than 20,000 employees, including 0 affected to the customers support apparently. :-o

And yes, if you arrived here while thinking of finding a way of contacting Gogole, you will be disappointed because that does not exist.

Google espionne


You can be a simple Net surfer, a webmaster, or even a AdWords customer, there doesn't exist any means of contacting Google! Admittedly, there are pages and forms like this page listing all the services and promising a mean of contacting them. But the links in fact only goes on assistance pages, forums or FAQ, no true means of contact.

Astonishing and ashamed for a so large company? Yes! Small companies offer a better service to their customer.

We can understand that the Net surfer or the amateur webmaster cannot write to ask why the results do not correspond to his waitings. But there are many occasions which would require the answer of an employee from Google, such as:

  • a site suddenly banished from AdSense after years of use,
  • a publicity refused on AdWords for a word resembling to a trademark but maybe justified,
  • even a site suddenly not or very badly referred after years of existence, without apparent reason,
  • documents lost on GoogleDocs (certain not very advised people do not even have local copies),
  • messages which don't arrive on GMail, undoubtedly blocked by a too rigorous anti-SPAM...


Of course, to answer such questions from its users has a cost. For most services Web (other advertizing agencies, Yahoo or other services) the competitors however answer these questions, and they have less means than Google. Obviously the giant of the Web is quite simply not disposed to use employees for that. In any case what can make the unsatisfied users? Attack Google in justice? It has a lawyer army and a so dominant position that lost a few customers is not a problem.


We have recently seen the same attitude from Facebook with an account removed without any notice and no means of claiming. The person assigned the company in justice and here are the words of her lawyer: «What shocked my customer the most, it's the contempt, the blind censure and the absence of answer of Facebook».

In a lot of countries, the law forces a website to present legal notice with a means of contact. Google circumvented the problem with a postal address in the United States, obviously not very practical even useless for most of the world Net surfers. Would the giants of Internet not concerned by laws?

I never liked the monopolies, this is why I would conclude this article by advising you to go elsewhere. There are very good competitors for the majority of the Google's services. :-)

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One answer at “Contact Google: mission impossible!”

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    Tim Brace said:

    I very much agree with you. I have always used and admired Google, but they have so complicated their site by adding features and so-called "improving" things, that the site is becoming almost unusable and when I tried to write Google about this, I could find almost no way to do it, though I did submit comments to areas of Google that probably are not the right ones for these comments.

    It is always the way where a company is really really good and then they try to make things better, but get uppity and don't respond to users' feedback and think they are so perfect that they won't listen.

    And some software designer probably sits around and says "Why don't users customize the site to eliminate these complaints?" But that is why Google was great -- anyone could use it easily without customization.

    Every Google page doesn't work right as it used to anymore, and I would quickly switch search engines the minute a better one came along, because Google is no good anymore, unfortuately, sorry.

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