Saturday 5 Apr 2008

WordPress 2.5 little disappointment

wordpressI had already tested a bit on my local machine, then I switched to version 2.5 of WordPress on this blog.

My first opinion is confirmed, no real improvements, but the opposite: some points have regressed.

I'm OK to say the management engine for articles is better, but we don't really see it. What we see in first is the blog administration. And there, the only positive point I was wainting for, is the HTML editor: TinyMCE going on version 3 (instead of 2 in WP WP 2.3). The big improvement of the new version of the editor is it produces valid strict XHTML.

For the rest... :-( What I like the fisrt time I saw WordPress administration, was the ergonomy: important texts was written in enormous font and we had large buttons for frequent actions.

Today in this 2.5 version, everything is written in small, it's not very clear but there is a lot of free space.

The working width of the page has a maximum etirement. The article editor for example, is only half of my screen. :-? We can set it in full screen, but this is TinyMCE improvement, WordPress developpers don't work on that.

There's even a small "delete" link, bad placed, just under "Save" and "Publish". :-| The category choice for an article is made on the bottom of editor, so it's easy to forget it.

Articles or comments lists are a kind of mess, we don't have anymore the very explicit large text "Modify" "Show" "Delete". Now we ask ourself what action will be done after a click!

In addition, I find this admin panel ugly, but taste are always debatable. Ergonomy is objectively worst. A lot of room is waste and everything is pushed on the left.

WordPress 2.3 and 2.5 administration panel
admin-wordpress-25 admin-wordpress-23

Images insertion module is less practical, but also very strange, because the title field is required, and not the alt field. But in HTML, the alt attribute is required to provide an alternative content in case image doesn't work, title shows a tooltip we don't necessary want over the image. 8-O

In the same way, WordPress writes some class attributes to the images to indicate size and alignment. But they are not used unless your theme specify them, and nobody tells me to add them in my CSS.

It even seems that this upload module refuses to work on some blogs because it's a bug, not a feature. ;-)

Maybe more positive points later, but actually it's truly a disappointment. I really hope that authors will have a lower sight reading their small text, and then write again with a larger font! :-p

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