Sunday 25 Sep 2011

Flash 10.1 finaly uses hardware acceleration

HTMLThese days the users of Flash from Adobe, i.e. 99% of the Net surfers, should have a dialog box inviting them to make an update. And between other improvements, this update brings the support of hardware acceleration to decode the videos. It means that the processor will not work alone now, but also the video card.

This improvement will ease the CPU, which will allow less powerful computers to play videos smoothly. Desktop computers, even if generally have no problem with their more powerful processor, will be relieved by using the video card. This will free resources for other background tasks. But the biggest winners will be the small processors of portables or mini-PC, where the reading of the high-definition videos often poses problem with the processor alone (Intel Atom, AMD Fusion, Via Nano).


To have tested the difference, my processor is indeed definitely less requested, and especially in full screen, the use remains lower than 30% against 80% before. HomeMedia made the same observation on HD videos (fr) by testing Flash 10.1 on an Intel Atom, one of the processors widespread on the small computers.

Here still, the material acceleration of Flash Player 10.1 allows a platform like the ION of reading without jerks the videos in 1080p, even those with an important flow (4 to 5 Mb/s). CPU load of Atom does not climb more than 30%, so you will be able to consult a video HD under Youtube with other slightly greedy processes in bottom. Thank to the ION!


The encoding of the videos in Flash (FLV format) is a simple derivative of the H.264 format, always supported by the graphic cards. So we only need to use them! :-) So this update of Flash is an enormous bonus for the small machines to read streaming videos on the Internet. But this improvement does not concern yet all the sites and all the videos players. We will have wait until the developers update their players to benefit of that on all websites.

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