Tuesday 8 Apr 2008

Oh a naked site! «CSS naked day 2008»

Today it's the "CSS naked day". To promote the web development standards, webmasters are suggested to suppress the CSS stylesheet of their website.

The result on "good" sites, I mean sites well separating the content and the design as recommanded by the W3C, should be a black and white site with a very strange presentation.

That's why today my site is black and white... ;-)

CSS naked day 08

Some more explanations on the CSS naked day site of this april 9th 2008 which is the 3d edition of this event.

Other days of the year, you can see the effect on any site with you browser. You have to:

  • with Firefox, to go in the View menu, Style, No style
  • with Opera, to click on the glasses icon, then on the Author mode button in the appearing bar.


And if you're a web developper, but still put your presentation in the HTML code, read start with CSS. ;-)

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