Wednesday 16 Apr 2008

Trackmania Nations Forever download and test

I announce a few days ago the new Trackmania Nations coming. So it's today 16th april that the impatiently awaited game is available. :-)

Trackmania Nations Forever screenshot

The game is 504MB and downloadable on the official website Trackmania. Installation causes no problem.

The first try is OK, it's Trackmania Nations but nicer and not requesting much resources. 8-)

Upgrade noted soon: the joypad is vibrating whith chocks and landings.

The provided circuits are more advanced than in 1st, it would be possible to start playing immediatly. New blocks are present in the elements composing a track. We can drive on dust instead of the tradditionnal road, some water pools still present in other Trackmania make their appearance on the border of roadsn and luminosity can vary (day, evening, night).

Track editor is very close to the previous? There is however a simple and an advanced mode. According to me the first creation would arrive soon. ;-) Hopefully, because the provided tracks are not very exciting.

Nadeo praised the relations between players are better in this game, with a friends list. It's something to try... it's not really my priority in a cars game.

Small nice addition, we give our precise geographic location and the game indicate our position in our country, state, province...

Good free game! :-)

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