Sunday 9 Jun 2013

Optimize your office and save money

Today we all talk about going eco-friendly. Climate change, the energy crisis, we have heard it all. The last few years have seen many positive changes implemented in different European countries. Governments have put several measures in place to ensure protection of the environment, and now, companies are also jumping on the bandwagon.

Green computer

There are many inspiring examples of how, as a business, you can start to save energy. First of all you can switch business energy and get good rates, but you can do so much more than just that. You can make slight changes to your office and on top of it do something for the environment. Let’s be honest about it, most companies don't just want to save the planet, first and foremost they want to make money, if they can do the former whilst achieving the latter, so much the better, and they wouldn’t mind taking it on, however, money is still what makes their world (ecologically friendly or not) go round. This said, it is true that you can save a lot of money by saving energy, so, let's look at what you can do to make your office an environment-friendly (and money saving) place.


Nowadays we all know how important it is to save energy. We have heard it a million times. We know that we have to switch our computer off at the end of the day, and we most probably do. Our computers (and, in fact, all of our devices) already have stand-by mode on by default. We do everything we can to save energy. We no longer dare to print out documents and emails. But have we really thought of everything? Maybe there are things out there that you can put into practice to really start saving your company money.


Light bulb
So you switched your computer off, what about the light?
Next time you come into your office in the morning or after lunch, check if the lights are on. Especially if you work in a big office the chances are that lights have unnecessarily been left on. Ask yourself a very basic question: do you really need to have all of the lights on during the day? Most probably not. It might sound like nothing at all, but at the end of the day, it all adds up! Do the sums: 9 hours a day, 5 days a week (at least). Think about the amount of money you could save in a year.

If you have to switch a light on, do it the clever way
Surveys have shown that in most offices old style lighting is uses. In most cases business owners are not even aware of that, or have simply never thought about it. So you switch off the light during the day which is great, nevertheless, if your highly motivated employees work late every day you should not only consider the quantity of your lighting but also the quality. Energy saving lamps are the solution. They might have a bad reputation, due to the fact that when they first came onto the market, people complained about the bad quality light, nevertheless, they have come a long way since them. Thus, give them a second chance, it will be worth it. Also don't think of them as being expensive, of course, they are, but try to think of them as a long term investment as they really will save you so much energy in the long run.


Get some air
We all need fresh air to work properly. But if you consistently open your windows, even just slightly, during the winter months, your heating costs will simply go through the roof. Instead, you should open all of your windows entirely for 10 minutes. That should be enough fresh air and you can then turn your heating down.

...But don't overdo it

There is nothing worse than air-conditioning! Ask your employees, they will, most definitely confirm this. I am not saying you should just sit there and sweat, Bikram yoga style, during the hot summer’s days. However, where you live, you should really ask yourself how many hot summer days you will actually be liable to get. Do you really need to turn on your air-condition on in April? Does it have to be 20 degrees? You don't need to waste energy and freeze your employees to death at the same time. You can still use air conditioning, just use it sensibly.

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