Wednesday 16 Oct 2013

SSL certificates

You know the Internet is often easier and cheaper for shopping in online stores, check your bank accounts, even buy shares in the stock market. All sensitive and involving money transfers may interest hackers in trying to steal your information.

Fortunately, there are solutions to limit these risks and buy safely: SSL certificates. They are the ultimate solution while remaining unconstrained for the user and easy to install for the shop.


Any site containing sensitive information should have an SSL certificate. The "Secure Socket Layer" is a security technology that encrypts information entered and transmitted between your computer and the store, so that they are unreadable and unusable by a third party. Moreover, any interception of data would cause an error, it's certain that no one intercepts the connection between the user and the website.

The encryption mechanism of SSL certificates uses encryption keys. Thus it's impossible to spy, intercept or falsify data transmitted. :-)

Visitors know they surf protected by a SSL certificate with the small closed padlock that appears in the address bar of the browser and "s" added after "http" indicating that the site is secure.

SSL https

So it's in the interest of any online store (like ours ;-)) to use a SSL certificate for payment. A customer is more likely to make purchases if he has proof that the shop is authenticated and legitimate. Customers, even the most cautious, trust these certificates to give their credit card information. Payment details and other data can be transmitted with confidence.

In summary, the concept of Internet security is important, and for many sites it means SSL certificates. Whether it's for an online store that accepts payments by credit card, a website providing services that require registration, or a site where users have accounts that require personal data, SSL certificates are required to ensure client safety and confidence for him.

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