Tuesday 19 Nov 2013

Store safely your passwords

Password Safe

As any user, you probably have a lot of passwords for a lot of sites to remember! So you often take the same pass for everything, to make your life easier. But of course you also make task easier for the hacker who would find one of your passwords, and then would know them all!

In addition, there are sites that sometimes have conflicting requirements with your usual passwords: minimum 10 characters, including at least one digit and one special character, or none... So you still have to store different credentials.


In a previous article, I have talked about the absolute stupidity of many websites, including banks, which prohibit storing our password. So we are forced to either choose an easy word to remember or write it down somewhere.


This is where these two small free utilities can be used: Password Safe and KeePass.

The first has been selected software of the month on SourceForge, the house of free software. ;-)

The second, which I prefer, seems more utter a priori. There is a .Zip archive version that requires no installation. In addition, it stores its settings in the same directory, which allows to properly desinstall it or copy it to another computer with all its configuration. It allows you to type [user] [Tab] [password] [Enter] in one key combination to log on most websites.

This is the same method I explained with StrokeIt to identify automatically without typing anything and thus prevent "keyloggers" virus.

But these two programs are more convenient if you have a lot of IDs to remember and if you don't use StrokeIt otherwise, which is much more than just for typing passwords!


The links:

Both programs are free, free and available in several languages, for Windows only.

I recommend the "Classic Edition" of KeePass, which does not use Microsoft .Net, and takes only 3 MB of memory, against 24 MB for "Professional Edition", a little nicer, but to be useful these software need to be started with the computer and stay in the background. So the smaller is the better! :-)

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