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The best anti-virus 2013

If you search an antivirus program for Windows, it's quite complex to know which is the best. Firstly because most known products are enough good, secondly because many articles don't test properly and provide very different results.

Antivirus 2013

I found this article very informative article in French about the credibility of antivirus comparatives. It says that most tests of computer magazines are not worth much, what I already thought. And we learn that there is fortunately independent laboratories which seriously test the antivirus software.

Among them, 3 give the results for free on their website.


The first AV-Comparative performs several tests for the detection and performance on anti-virus software. The results between the famous names in the field are equal in many categories. I will modify this article at the publication their annual summary in December, otherwise it's difficult to draw general conclusions from the tests in 2013.
In 2012, the winners were Kaspersky and Bitdefender.
And other best rated products: Avast, Avira, BullGuard, ESET, F-Secure and G Data.

The second AV-Test also provides results in 3 categories: best protection, best repair and best usability, the results are for the individuals: F-Secure, Bitdefender, Symantec Norton Internet Security and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for the companies in the 3 categories.
This does not help us much, unless you want to really give priority to a task.

The results of the third laboratory Dennis Technology Labs are synthetic with a ranking:
3 stars for: Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, ESET Smart Security 6
2 stars for: AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013 Avast! Free Antivirus 8, Norton Internet Security 2013


As it is written in AV-Test, a good antivirus program will inevitably slow down the system by analysing the files. There are unfortunately no miracle: more the AV software is reliable, more it will have an impact on performance.

It's difficult to find a great winner to summarize. And it's quite normal because the performances are very close among reputable anti-virus. In addition, some laboratories have tested the complete suites: antivirus + firewall + some other components, and others only antivirus.

But I suggest to ultimately choose, it's best to try one or two and choose according your taste among the good ones. There is often free trial versions. And we notice that often the same programs are good rated:

Kaspersky is often nominated, his reputation is not usurped.
Bitdefender and ESET (NOD32) have obtained the same ranking in 2 of 3 labs. F-Secure, G Data and Bullguard are often on the podium.

For free software, Avast seems a bit over Avira and it begins to catch up the detection of paying software in detection and performance! The paying soft have mainly the comfort of having a technical assistance even if the best remain always above in overall rating.
Comodo is rarely tested, but in AV-Test it is the only free soft to have 6/6 in detection, as the most famous antivirus programs.

My advice is to pick up one among this little dozen winners. ;-) You choose between antivirus alone or complete suite if you don't have a firewall elsewhere.


But I draw your attention to these two competitions that test the effectiveness of anti-virus: to take control, DrWeb, Kaspersky and ESET resisted the longest, to circumvent the defences, G Data and Trend Micro have detected two attacks on 6, 1 on 6 for all others. This proves that all anti-virus are useless when it comes to fight against a new threat before it's known! They all work with signatures databases of known threats and you should not rely 100% on them.


According to me, a good additional protection of its Windows system is to install it on a separate partition and make images regularly! Some viruses are very difficult to remove, the best in case of infection is to restart on a system that we know healthy. (For me, the old Norton Ghost 11.5, only 7 MB, on a bootable CD is perfect!)

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