Monday 22 Dec 2014

Adminer, best alternative to PHPMyAdmin

To administer a MySQL database, PHPMyAdmin is well known. But it's big, heavy, slow and uses frames which is inconvenient to make simple "previous pages"! :-x

I've been looking for an alternative for a long time and I discover Adminer: perfect! :-)



One single PHP file! + a .CSS file as a theme if you wish to make it prettier.

Only the time to take one or two different habits (the links "SQL Query", "Import" and "Export" are on the left instead of a tab) and it does everything much faster. Altering tables is much easier with buttons to up/down fields, global search can be accessed directly, sorting and searching columns are made naturally by clicks on the top of the data... Superb interface!

The only point that is not clear is the management of users and privileges. Apart from that, PHPMyAdmin is fastly forgotten! :-p


The official site:

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