Wednesday 14 Jan 2015

Samsung camera, no bugs correction!

SamsungWhen buying a camera, especially if you're an amateur and passionate, you can spend a lot of time reading comparatives to choose the perfect device. But there is a criteria that we can't know in advance, this is the management of the bugs in the software (firmware) by the manufacturer.

In this field, I will advise you to avoid Samsung! I know it's not a "real" camera brand, and the stop of Schneider-Kreuznach lenses for Samsung lenses has not been great. However, this is the only manufacturer to offer an auto-bracketing of ±2 EV in the compacts... Wanting to make HDR photography, I did not have much choice. :-(


But precisely in this case, the auto-bracketing writes incorrect EXIF ​​information on the 2nd and 3rd images. I reported the bug to Samsung UK and Samsung France, with the answer it was sent to the right service.

It was more than 6 months ago... I watch the downloads page for my camera, which remains a desperately on a latest firmware from January 2013! :-o


As I said, unfortunately I do not even have the ability to choose another brand if I want to stay on compact camera. Thank you manufacturers, devices with WiFi, GPS, AMOLED screens, that use the battery in 2 hours, are good, but if they also had photographic functions that would be better!

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