Monday 21 Apr 2008

Asus to announce 10-inch eeePC

The 9' screen eeePC 900 is not still arrived, Asus announces a new eeePC with a 10 inches screen or 25,4cm.

eeePC 4G (this is not the 10' which doesn't exist yet!) ;-)

The 900 model will be launched in june at the Computex (near to $500), the future 10' before the end of the year 2008.

The question is the price, because if the first eeePC supposed to be $300 before its launch, then $400, was still a good deal, the 900 price is close to the "normal" laptops. I'm afraid the 10' doesn't have a lot of arguments in front of the competition. :-|

Asus simply indicate the 10' eeePC will be more exprensive than the 9' because the 10' size still requires a specific manufacture. A 12 inches model would be less exprensive to produce, but Asus reject this size (for the moment), keeping this size to classic laptops.

Source: PC World: Asustek to launch Eee PC with 10-inch screen

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