Saturday 25 Apr 2015

Hard copyright respect on Dailymotion

Justice Difficult to make stolen videos deleted from Dailymotion! The French videos viewing service is a lot more tolerant than his American competitor. On Youtube sanctions are quite logical and one that sent a video taken elsewhere is not paid:

«As of 1 January 2014, only original content will allow users to earn money. Videos containing film clips, music and video games will be systematically deleted if they are not justified. They will pay nothing to YouTubers who are not the authors.»


And Youtube accounts are blocked fast enough. A severity which benefits to the more lax competitor Dailymotion! Indeed, not only the one who sent a video without the consent of the author continues to be paid even after the reporting of the video, but also to remove a video from Dailymotion is an obstacle course! It's not enough to report it, you must prove that you are the author (which seems not useful if the video was already visible elsewhere, it is a copy), and it must be asked 3 or 4 times, for a success rate of 2 out of 10!


I did the test on a few videos I've reported. I spotted 10 stolen videos that I found the authors, I warned them, they filled the reporting form and I also filled it to be sure that the video was well reported.
2 were withdrawn by Dailymotion.


I understand why the French site is presented as an alternative by the Youtube haters! Yet it has already been sentenced for being too slow to remove videos. French law says "the technical service providers are required to act promptly".

But keep online reported videos is no longer to be slow, is what I would call contributory infringement if I know the law... but this is not the case, I'm only a simple user with a critical mind and a sense of injustice when a copier makes money instead of a creator.

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