Wednesday 2 Sep 2015

Recover a Clash of Clans account without save

Android Following a re-installation of my Android tablet, Clash of Clans was the only application where I could not restore my data. And for a good reason because the games are stored remotely only on the server of the publisher Supercell.

It's possible to be identified on Google Play games to restore a game, but if you don't save it: no official mean.

Fortunately there is a solution with the condition you have your old Android ID. In this case you even not need to any saved files from your old tablet or smartphone as your game is based on your system identifier.


All we have to do to restore our game is to put our old Android ID on our new device or new installation.

The problem is: where to find our old ID?

  • if it's a hardware change you can always see it on the old device,
  • if it's a re-installation, without reset to factory settings, it should not have changed,
  • else some backup applications like Titanium Backup inform at start «the Android ID of this device has changed [...] old: ... new: ...»

In other cases (broken or stolen phone without knowing the ID), there is no solution and if I understand the different messages in the forums, do not expect any help from Supercell!

So note your current Android ID somewhere other than on the device itself! It can be seen with applications, search for "Device ID".


Once you have it, it's rather easy:

  1. ir requires a root access to the device, remember the procedure is reversible and it does not void the warranty, contrary to popular belief (you still have the right to install what you want on your own equipment)
  2. then there are applications for changing the identifier such as Device ID Changer, Change Android Id...

But the one to change it are all paid on the Google Play store. But if you're a real geek, this can be done from the command line by knowing a little SQL. ;-)

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