Tuesday 19 Aug 2008

Apple costs more than Google

apple-logo.jpegIf we add the value of all stocks of a company, we obtain the capitalisation, i.e. the value of the company. It's the (minimum) amount to spend to buy this company.

So since wednesday, capitalisation of Apple exceeds the one of Google. Carried by the success of new products, as iPhone, the Apple stock increase recently.

Apple becomes then the 2d bigger company on the Nasdaq (the market place for technology and computer companies) with a capital of $ 159 billions.

A little before Google with its $ 157 billions which downgrades logically in 3d place.

The first place of the podium is of course, still catched by Microsoft, with a valor of $ 255 billions, the firm from Redmond is far to be defeated.


It's funny to see how small we are. ;-) Even with the nice sum of $ 100 000 of Apple or Google stocks, we only hold 0,00006%. And with the same amount, we only can buy 0,00004% of Microsoft. Not enough to make Bill frighten! :mrgreen:

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