Sunday 25 May 2008

How to convert videos for the web

mplayerIt seems incredible, but there is a very complete program which can convert videos from all formats to all formats! Yes it's true! :-)

Its name: MEncoder. This is in fact a part of the player MPlayer.

With it you can convert videos from and to nearly all formats: DivX, Xvid, MPEG, DVD, VCD... and with some MP3, AC3, or others sounds!
And even for videos on the Net: Quicktime, Real, FLV (for Flash players).

Impressive, isn't it? In addition it's free, open-source and works on Mac, Win, Linux.

Its problem: it's a command line application (you know the black thing with some white text, that we have before invention of the mouse and the windows). :-o Some prefer for the total control that it brings.

Fortunately, for us, "simple clickers", we can find several GUI (graphic user interfaces) for MEncoder which allow to set up everything with the mouse, with checkboxes, so the command line is automaticaly generated. Saved! :-)

My favorite is Internet Video Converter (i.e. IVC). It's in english or french, and allows to

  • capture videos form the Internet via sites like Dailymotion, Youtube & co...
  • "transcode" videos form a format to another
  • create .FLV files to use with a Flash player on your website

This interface for MEncoder is mainly dedicaded to conversion from or to FLV files, but it allows a lot of other conversions.


We can find other graphical interfaces in searching mencoder gui, but most of them are less simple to use. And if you really want to learn something, then learn the command line which is the original mean to use MEncoder. That's why I recommand you this small free GUI. :-)

And if you want to put FLV videos on your site, I can recommand you a Flash player, also free. You can see it on this sexy video I post recently. ;-) It's called simply FLV Player and it existes in several versions more or less light or complete.

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