Wednesday 18 Jun 2008

Bloggers arrested in China


China never be a good model of freedom of speech. We could think that with the Olympic Games in Beijing, the chinese government would make an effort, but it's the contrary.

The arrestations of bloggers fighting for human rights reach records. At least 64 people (known, undoubtedly much are kept under silence) were put to jail since 2003. The mean duration of the sentence is 15 months! :-o

Source PCInpact: Sad arrestations record of bloggers in China

We are not so bad here... ;-)

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3 answers at “Bloggers arrested in China”

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    David ( said:

    More information on Censorship: Record number of bloggers arrested
    or BBC: Blogger arrests hit record high

  2. Backlink from freedom
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    Movies ( said:

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