Monday 2 Jun 2008

Apple vs Microsoft the struggle continue


Microsoft shows the browser Safari to open a hole in Windows. It's a bit complicated, but in short Microsoft just give a stick to receive a lesson. ;-)

A functionality in Safari, that can be called a small hole, allow to save the downloaded files from the Internet directly in a directory, without any user intervention. This is the default setup, so the one most people have. (For your security, you always have to tweak the options! :-p )

A malevolent site can fill your hard drive by making you download a lot of files.

That should be not very dangerous if one (of many?) Internet Explorer hole could not allow to execute these files! So someone can make you download an executable file and launch it. What is really dangerous is the combination of the two navigators.

Apple makes a Safari version 3.1.2, which requires the user to choose the files destination, and solves the problem for Safari.

However the hole for Microsoft remains... If you select the Windows desktop as the destination, the problem is still the same. :-|

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