Saturday 14 Jun 2008

Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5 about to come

The two browsers are in their latest betas before the final versions. If Firefox 3 still have a tedious bug, Opera 9.5 seems a great step forward for the ergonomy.

opera firefox

For Firefox, an extremly slow movement with a 100% CPU use appears when we scroll on pages with fixed content. The new rendering engine called Cairo is certainly the origin because that was not the case in version 2.

It seems to touch only some video card and on pages with fixed content (background images or HTML element). For example: this CSSZenGarden design, this page with fixed background, or the agregator.

Actually the Firefox developpers are not very active on this bug which is not critical. :-(

In despite of this, the Firefox 3 update is very good, in particular the new bookmarks management very practical.

Firefox 3 will be available on June the 17th 2008.

On Opera 9.5, this is a critic I often made, the bookmarks still suffer they can't be moved directly in the menu. We must show the lateral bar or the bookmarks management window.

Except that, the 9.5 version has everything to please. The default interface is nicer and Opera still have a large amount of features: e-mail, BitTorrent, RSS feeds... :-) No bugs, no security hole and Opera is very fast. I only miss an equivalent to Firefox extensions.

Opera with a thumbnail on a tab

PS: The time to publish my article Opera 9.5 is available.

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