22 Dec 2014

Adminer, best alternative to PHPMyAdmin

To administer a MySQL database, PHPMyAdmin is well known. But it's big, heavy, slow and uses frames which is inconvenient to make simple "previous pages"! :-x

I've been looking for an alternative for a long time and I discover Adminer: perfect! :-)


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23 Nov 2013

The best anti-virus 2013

If you search an antivirus program for Windows, it's quite complex to know which is the best. Firstly because most known products are enough good, secondly because many articles don't test properly and provide very different results.

Antivirus 2013

I found this article very informative article in French about the credibility of antivirus comparatives. It says that most tests of computer magazines are not worth much, what I already thought. And we learn that there is fortunately independent laboratories which seriously test the antivirus software.

Among them, 3 give the results for free on their website.

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21 Nov 2013

Protect WordPress administration

Sites based on all-made products, as WordPress, have the disadvantage that the hackers know where is the administration and the URL to connect to it.

Having read a few articles on how to protect his administration that I have not found satisfactory, this is my method which is based on a password.

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19 Nov 2013

Store safely your passwords

Password Safe

As any user, you probably have a lot of passwords for a lot of sites to remember! So you often take the same pass for everything, to make your life easier. But of course you also make task easier for the hacker who would find one of your passwords, and then would know them all!

In addition, there are sites that sometimes have conflicting requirements with your usual passwords: minimum 10 characters, including at least one digit and one special character, or none... So you still have to store different credentials.

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16 Oct 2013

SSL certificates

You know the Internet is often easier and cheaper for shopping in online stores, check your bank accounts, even buy shares in the stock market. All sensitive and involving money transfers may interest hackers in trying to steal your information.

Fortunately, there are solutions to limit these risks and buy safely: SSL certificates. They are the ultimate solution while remaining unconstrained for the user and easy to install for the shop.

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