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18 Feb 2009

Blackjack card counter on iPhone

blackjack-card-counterHow to cheat in casinos with an iPhone? An software named Blackjack ...

01 Feb 2009

French justice condemns a security website for hacking

I couldn't believe my eyes reading this story: The French justice condemns ...

18 Nov 2008

Britney Spears Circus on P2P

After AC/DC or others recently, it's Britney Spears' turn to have her ...

18 Oct 2008

AC/DC Black Ice hacked

Bad news for the Australian group AC/DC, the album named Black Ice ...

09 Oct 2008

Be careful phishing

Beware, some seem so real! Some examples of e-mails I received and ...

18 Jun 2008

Bloggers arrested in China

China never be a good model of freedom of speech. We could ...

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