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18 Dec 2008

Refused from PayPerPost

PayPerPost is a company which offers sponsored articles to bloggers. With some big ...

07 Dec 2008

Hard moments in video

escenas-dificilesTraditionally, the end of the year is the period of compilations. I ...

01 Dec 2008

Animusic, musical animations

Animusic is a band composed with a musician and a graphic artist. ...

21 Nov 2008

Mickey Mouse's 80th birthday

Another birthday! With 3 days late I wish a happy birthday to ...

07 Nov 2008

Self-defense in elevator

A bad guy tries to steal the handbag of an innocent young ...

16 Oct 2008

Drink or drive a bus

Is it better to sit on the back in a bus? This ...

10 Sep 2008

Sexy medical visit

These gentlemen are at a medical visit. The doctor is very sexy, ...

24 Aug 2008

HTML compliant Flash in TinyMCE and WordPress

This plugin is no longer needed since the end of 2008 and ...

05 Aug 2008

The best open-source projects

The famous site SourceForge just published the results of the ¬ęCommunity Choice ...

29 Jul 2008

The good HTML code to insert Flash

I must admit we are not helped, everywhere we can share Flash ...

09 Jul 2008

The future flat screens

The actual flat screens (LCD, TFT, plasma) all present the disadvantage to ...

30 Jun 2008

Duke Nukem Forever, vaporware of the century

Here's one that doesn't stop to make speak for 10 years! Duke ...

30 Jun 2008

Starcraft not for 2008

The Starcraft fans awaited the released of the 2d part for the ...

21 Jun 2008

Another sexy hidden camera

Here's another sexy hidden camera from ;-)

09 Jun 2008

Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter is a name that must awakes much memories for the ...

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